We believe that reading is the key to academic success. Research shows that if you are a literate child who reads for pleasure then this has more impact on your future life chances than any other factor. Our reading curriculum teaches children to decode, to understand and to read for pleasure. We believe that these three areas provide our children with a rich reading curriculum in which they can thrive.

At The Galfrid School:

  • Children are taught to read using RWI phonics. These lessons happen every day in Reception and Key Stage One.
  • Children who need extra support access additional phonics sessions to enable them to secure their understanding.
  • Children in Key Stage One take part in daily book talk sessions where they develop their understanding by thinking and talking about the meaning of the books they read or hear.
  • In Key Stage Two children are taught a range of reading skills in daily reading sessions. 
  • We read to the children every day.
  • Children practise their reading fluency by reading aloud.
  • We have a school library from which children can choose books to spark their interest and imagination. 


We ensure the highest expectations for the attainment and progress of all pupils, and we believe that every child has something worthwhile to write about. We provide diverse and high-quality texts to support all pupils in finding their own unique writing voice with which to develop a pleasure in writing. Pupils have independence and choice to write about what interests or excites them; what reflects their lives. We provide a range of opportunities to write, at length, for authentic purposes and audiences.

Teachers develop pupils’ critical thinking skills by incorporating critical literacy skills into the curriculum, modelling the writing process, and thinking aloud. New objectives are introduced in small, manageable steps and functional gramme is taught within context.