Curriculum Introduction

Curriculum Introduction

In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, we follow the United Learning Primary Curriculum which is based on the five principles of the Framework for Excellence.

Building on the Framework for Excellence, the United Learning Primary Curriculum has four core principles:

Cultural Literacy

Substantive and disciplinary knowledge from the National Curriculum (2014) is delivered in subjects, not topics. This powerful knowledge is carefully sequenced to ensure pupils build their understanding of subject-specific big ideas. Purposeful interdisciplinary links allow pupils to make meaningful connections and understand the world around them.


Pupils master foundational concepts and knowledge before moving on and have the opportunity to revisit and apply this knowledge in new contexts.


The curriculum is designed to be inclusive and engaging for all pupils. Every child, regardless of their background, is taught the full content of the curriculum to which they are entitled.


The curriculum is inspiring and generates excitement and curiosity in pupils.

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