School Council

School Council

At The Galfrid School we are proud to have a School Council whose representatives are voted for by their peers. The aims of the School Council are to ensure that children have:

● An opportunity to take an active role in the organisation of the school
● An opportunity to experience a democratic process
● A forum to voice their concerns and act upon them
● A safe, happy, and fair learning environment
● A structured opportunity to learn problem-solving skills

Representatives share their class’ ideas with the School Council as well as reporting ideas and proposals from the School Council to their class. Meetings take place on a monthly basis.

We are really excited about what our School Council can help us to achieve. Achievements are recorded in the school newsletter.

Head Boy and Head Girl

The Head Boy and Head Girl are primarily role models of the school. When choosing our Head Boy and Head Girl we take many things into account including their: 

  • attitude to learning
  • academic achievements
  • attendance
  • organisational skills
  • thoughtfulness and care for others
  • reliability and trustworthiness
  • demonstration of our school values

The Head Boy and Head Girl help to promote and celebrate our values of:

Ambition – to achieve the best for ourselves and others;
Confidence – to have the courage of our convictions and to take risks in the right cause;
Creativity – to imagine possibilities and make them real;
Respect – for ourselves and others in all that we do;
Enthusiasm – to seek opportunity, find what is good and pursue talents and interests;
Determination – to overcome obstacles and reach success.

Meet our Head Boy and Head Girl for Summer Term 2021

For those of you that do not know me, I am Elisa. The reason I wanted to become head girl is because I like helping people, and I hope that I can help to improve the learning environment for all students here at The Galfrid. In my free time I like cooking, art and gaming. As head girl I believe I am not more important than the other students because I think of my role as gathering all of the students' ideas and turning it into one idea that we can all agree on. 

I look forward to listening to all of your ideas soon so together we can all make the school a better place


My name is Adam and I am delighted to have been chosen to assume the role of head boy. I play the violin and piano, and I play hockey for a club, and I do enjoy a bit of badminton and cricket. I also enjoy baking, going out for walks, writing and reading.

I will do my best to be the following four things (that also spell my name):





I am sure that everyone can work towards being those four things, and when we do, our school will continue to be a very happy place to be.