Vision and Values

Vision and Values

Like all United Learning schools, The Galfrid School seeks to bring out ‘the best in everyone’


Our vision is to ensure that all children feel a sense of belonging in a safe, respected and supported environment which enables them to to develop and thrive within our school, community, and the wider world.

Our school will:

  • provide children with an engaging, inspiring and rewarding education.
  • teach a broad and balanced curriculum;
  • encourage children to share a wonder in the world around them;
  • support children to achieve their potential and help others to achieve theirs;
  • respect all other cultural backgrounds and beliefs;
  • develop a thirst for learning through a variety of enrichment opportunities;
  • maintain a positive and close connection with parents, carers and our local community
  • equip children with the fundamental skills to become lifelong learners;
  • instill a love of learning.


Our values are underpinned by a sense of moral purpose and commitment to doing what is right for children. We support colleagues to act with integrity to achieve excellence.

Our core values are:

  • Ambition – to achieve the best for ourselves and others;
  • Confidence – to have the courage of our convictions and to take risks in the right cause;
  • Creativity – to imagine possibilities and make them real;
  • Respect – for ourselves and others in all that we do;
  • Enthusiasm – to seek opportunity, find what is good and pursue talents and interests;
  • Determination – to overcome obstacles and reach success.